Derek Miller

Owner / Musician

Two-time Juno award winning musician Derek Miller is the new owner of the GFZ Speakeasy. Derek is loveable but low on business acumen. But he is high on dreams, musical talent and charm.


Derek's Right Hand Man

Domingo is Derek’s right hand man and the bumbling sidekick. He’s lived most of his life at the Guilt Free Zone Speakeasy and has the stories to prove it. Want to learn more about Domingo? Check out his interview HERE.


The Bartender

Mack the Bartender is smart, beautiful and a loyal staff member to the GFZ Speakeasy. Get down and personal with Mack and watch her interview HERE.


Double Agent Janitor

He’s a lurker and pops his head around corners and can always be seen in his broom closet. Want to hear Danny’s side of the story? Check out his interview HERE.


The Millennial Waitress

Brooke the millennial waitress. She can always be seen on her phone. That’s because her goal is to take the greatest selfie ever! She’s tall, thin and blonde, but don’t let the colour of her hair fool you. This bombshell has another side to her that may surprise you #breakingstereotypes

Ivana Writeitoff

The Russian Accountant

Ivana Writeitoff is a Russian Accountant who always has bad news for Derek about the business. She’s an accountant who doesn’t have a clear understanding of everyday accounting practices.


Grappa Brewing Master

Certified Grappa brewing master.



She’s clumsy, hard working and lovable. Her love for cooking is as strong as her love for Domingo.For the latest cooking tips and recipes check out Chef’s Corner.