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Visit this page each week following the episode airing for a free download of a newly released Derek Miller track.

This weeks download from the EP2019 of Guilt Free Zone – ‘Spirited’,
is Goodbye Bad Luck from Derek Miller and The GFZ Tallboys.

Download “Goodbye Bad Luck” Goodbye-Bad-Luck.mp3 – 6 MB

Previously released:

Download “Let It Roll” Let-It-Roll.mp3 – 5 MB

Download “That's The Way It Goes” Thats-The-Way-It-Goes.mp3 – 5 MB

Download “Love” Love.mp3 – 6 MB

Download “Bet on a Heart” Bet-On-A-Heart.mp3 – 5 MB

Download “Happiness is a Warm Fuzz” Happiness-Is-A-Warm-Fuzz.mp3 – 5 MB

Download “Burning Me Down” Burning-Me-Down.mp3 – 5 MB

Download “Fire Fire” Fire-Fire.mp3 – 4 MB

Download “Cold Wind Blows” Cold-Wind-Blows.mp3 – 4 MB

Download “Lies” Lies.mp3 – 5 MB

Download “Shingo” Shingo.mp3 – 6 MB

Download “Run 2 U” Run-2-U.mp3 – 5 MB

Download “Weed Juice” Weed-Juice.mp3 – 6 MB