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Episode 2019 – Spirited – Air Date: 06/09/17

Derek has abused the portal for too long and now it is finally going to take its revenge. Nobody is safe.

Episode 2018 – Speakeasy Rescue – Air Date: 06/02/17

The GFZ becomes the subject of a reality television episode by a team that isn’t exactly respectful of Derek or his staff.

Episode 2017 – Vision Quest – Air Date: 05/27/17

Derek is losing his mojo and goes on a strange vision quest tofind some answers.

Episode 2016 – Derek’s Dirty Hand – Air Date: 05/20/17

Igor is asked to make homemade brew to serve that night whenthe bar runs out of beer, but it’s Danny that is the secret recipe to the latest craft beer craze that saves the day.

Episode 2015 – Marginalization – Air Date: 05/13/17

Derek’s ill-conceived idea to do a screening party for the Native Celebration Awards leaves the bar in some serious debt.

Episode 2014 – Full Disclosure – Air Date: 05/06/17

The staff is forced to have a company team-building sleepover, which becomes tense when a game reveals how they really feel about each other.

Episode 2013 – Taxes – Air Date: 04/29/17

Ivana Writeitoff saves the day by creating an unlikely beautiful friendship with the stiff and scary tax auditor.

Episode 2012 – Consequences – Air Date: 04/22/17

Derek has to go back in time to stop him from stopping himself from stopping Jasper Jack, or, something like that.

Episode 2011 – Cops and Mobsters – Air Date: 04/15/17

Derek is being shaken down by the mob and the cops and his reaction results in a tense mexican standoff.

Episode 2010 – Keith Richards – Air Date: 04/08/17

The mystery saboteur, assisted by an inside source, has infested the GFZ with cockroaches. While enlisting the Oracles for help with the problem, he finds out about a secret passageway hidden in Danny’s broom closet.

Episode 2009 – Polyamory – Air Date: 04/01/17

Derek’s two drummers insist there’s only room for one of them, but rather than pick one, Derek devises a contest to help decide who stays and who goes.

Episode 2008 – Native Dating – Air Date: 03/25/17

Domingo longs for an unquited love while Derek and Mack discover some interesting neighbours while trying to find temporary toilets for their patrons.

Episode 2007 – Science – Air Date: 03/18/17

Catastrophic weather threatens to keep away a much needed audience. Derek enlists the help of the Oracles to turn around the bad weather tidings.