Bar Story

The Guilt Free Zone is an illegal speakeasy that has been operating since the 1970s. Our establishment is so illegal that we can’t even tell you how to find us. But if you want to come enjoy some great music and disgusting food, then you’ll figure out how to find us.

Since the beginning of our existence, we were renowned for putting some of the greatest talents on our stage, entertaining music lovers of all ages for many many years. But then some things started to happen. Our beloved neighbourhood has been gentrified systematically over the years. Now, among the condos and big box stores there is just us and the tiny Indian restaurant next door that are long time businesses. We’re lucky though. The building we share was won fair and square in a poker game by Derek Miller and as long as he’s paying the taxes, we don’t have to go anywhere.

Meanwhile, other entertainment establishments try to steal our business, specifically, Lush Union, the big fancy club down the street. If you wanna pay 50 bones to get in to hear canned music all night, be our guest cause you aren’t our kind of customer.

So as you guessed, keeping this place alive week to week is always a challenge. Why don’t people love music the way they did in the 70s, 80s and 90s? Come support our artists and keep this establishment alive. And our staff is always eager to please. Domingo has been here since he was a kid and he’ll tell you all about the musicians that have played on our stage over the years.

We stay true to our roots as a place to experience great entertainment without all the frills. And we ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So get down here and don’t even think about stopping at Lush Union on your way.

Rock on!